Old Town, Old Tales

Old Town, Old Tales

Private HD in-depth tour of old town Sarajevo


Sarajevo is a city that is usually associated with recent history and the war period. However, this old town has so much more to offer!
Join me on my favorite tour where we will explore the history and culture of this amazing city!

We will navigate through the small, narrow streets of the old town where each street has a story to tell. I will take you to the Old house from the Ottoman time to show you the way of life back then. On this tour, we will also visit the mosque which is considered to be the most important building from the Ottoman era.
Learn the story about the 1914 assassination that triggered WWI.

Let’s experience first-hand the vibrant and rich traditions of Sarajevo, its religious coexistence, and its traditional crafts.



  • navigate through the street of the old town
  • explore the life in 18th century-old Ottoman house
  • drink Bosnian coffee like the locals do
  • visit the mosque inside and learn the basics of Islam
  • stand on the spot where the Assassination of Franc Ferdinand took place, an event that triggered WWI
  • discover the difference between Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influences  

  • Duration: 3,5 hours
  • 2 people minimum
  • Price includes a Licenced tour guide, private car/van, and a driver, entrance fees to the Tunnel of Life and War Childhood Museum.

50EUR / per person

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