The Children of the War

The Children of the War

HD private war siege tour


Unfortunately, Sarajevo is a city that survived the longest-lasting siege from the war of any European city in its modern history.

This tour covers it all!

You will understand why and how the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina started, and how the city survived without a proper army, electricity, gas, and water.
However, the special emphasis on this tour will be the children’s perspective and their stories!

Apart from the Tunnel of Life which is a must-see in Sarajevo, we will visit the War Childhood museum which tells a story from the children’s point of you. You will get a chance to know their stories and memories from the conflict.
Apart from all of that, you will hear about my personal experiences during that horrible times! So, join me for a truly personal insight into the history of my city.



  • understand the breakup of Yugoslavia
  • walk through the man-made Tunnel that was a life-line for the city
  • drive along the notorious sniper alley
  • learn about generations that grew up during the war
  • learn about the siege from a survivor
  • listen to a person’s story of survival, loss, escape, and hope

  • Duration: 3,5 hours
  • 2 people minimum
  • Price includes a Licenced tour guide, private car/van and a driver, entrance fees to the Tunnel of Life and War Childhood Museum.

50EUR / per person

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