Sarajevo Ultimate Tour

Sarajevo Ultimate Tour

FD Sarajevo in-depth Tour


This tour combines three tours (Old Town, Old Tales, Sarajevo for Foodies, and the Children of the War) into one great day experience. Join me in the full day discovery of Sarajevo from the old Ottoman times to Sarajevo nowadays.

Sarajevo is a city with tremendous history. It is city where World War I started, it hosted the Olympic Games in 1984 and it endured the longest lasting siege in modern history. Apart from those three major events, it is a true melting pot where different religious buildings and completely different architectural styles can be seen in a small area. To make the day complete, I am taking you to lunch to try our best food.



  • navigate through the street of the old town
  • explore the life in 18th century old Ottoman house
  • drink Bosnian coffee like the locals do
  • visit the mosque insider and learn the basics about Islam
  • stand on the spot where the Assassination of Franc Ferdinand took place, an event that triggered WWI
  • discover the difference between Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influences
  • understand the breakup of Yugoslavia
  • walk through the man-made Tunnel that was a life-line for the city
  • drive along the notorious sniper alley
  • learn about generations that grew up during the war
  • learn about the siege from a survivor
  • listen to a person’s story of survival, loss, escape and hope
  • enjoy Bosnian food

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • 2 people minimum

90EUR / per person

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